Research Domains Description Facilities / Resources
Modern digital signal processing. Wireless networks, UWB systems, Optical networks, speech, audio and video processing Digital communication Research Lab
Cyber Physical Systems Antennas, Embedded systems and VLSI IoT Physical System Lab
Systems and security


Computer Networking, Encryption, Data compression, IOT, Cloud computing Communication system Lab
VLSI and Embedded System Primarily the research is carried out in Novel circuit Design, Device Simulation, Embedded Product Design and VLSI Communication Circuits. VLSI LAB

Visual TCAD, Vivaldo,

TI MSP Board,

Keil Embedded Software

Signal and Image Processing primarily research is carried out in Biomedical Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Video Analytics DSP LAB

DSP Boards , Matlab Software

Instrumentation and Control research is focussed in Simulation and design of instrumentation systems, Power Electronics System, Renewable energy and Biomedical systems Instrumentation and Control LAB PSIM,C2000 Boards, Induction Motors, (3 phase), D C Motors,

Labview, NI Elvis, T.I. PMLK boards, PLC(Allen Bradly)

Data Analytics To process and analysis a huge volume of data sets using Hadoop.

Working with mining concept for large volume of data.

Database Lab
Distributed System A private cloud was setup to understand benefits of virtualization

Reusable application components for uses in cloud solutions.

CUDA Lab for high performance computing using parallel processing.

Cloud Computing Lab,


Networking Lab

Image Processing To enhance and process images for various applications.

Project are undertaken which focus on biometric applications.

Multimedia/ Image Processing Lab
Security Information Security, Network Security, Cyber Security, Cryptography and System Security. Networking & Database Lab
Design, Intelligence ,Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Soft computing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics (Proposed), Service Oriented Architecture, Natural Language Processing. Operating System & Programming Technology Lab