Sr. Structure of Committee Composition of Committee
1 Chairperson Principal
2 Management Representative
3 External Domain Expert Dr. V N Kurup
4 External Domain Expert Dr. R. Daruwala
5 External Domain Expert Dr. V I Katchi
6 Dean Quality Assurance Dr. Radha Shankarmani
7 IQAC Coordinator Dr. Pooja Raundale
8 NAAC Coordinator Dr. Sukanya Kulkarni
9 NIRF Coordinator Prof. K. T. Talele
10 Member Prof. Narendra  Bhagat
11 Member Prof. Manish Parmar
12 Member Prof. Rupali Sawant
13 Member Prof. Ananthlaxmi
14 Member Prof. Pramod Bide
15 Member Prof. Pallavi Thakur
16 Administrative Member Smt. Pallavi More
17 *Alumni
18 *Industry Representative
19 *Student Member
20 *Parent Representative


*Representative in the category will be invited for the meeting



Chairperson Dr. Prachi Gharpure
Management Representative Dr. S. G. Chitale
External Domain Expert Prof. Suresh Mhatre
External Domain Expert Dr. B. K. Lande
Coordinator Dr. Radha Shankarmani
Member Dr.Pooja Raundale
Member Dr. Deepak Karia
Member Dr.Prasenjit Bhavathankar
Member Prof.Reena Sonskure
Member Prof.Anand Godbole
Member Prof. C. R. Gajbhiye
Administrative Member Smt. Pallavi More
Administrative Member Shri. Mukund Pawar
Alumni / CEO , SP-TBI Vikrant Potnis
*Industry Representative
*Student Member
*Parent Representative