Process Details of R&D

Structure of R&D

Research & Development centre is set up to provide specialized administrative and managerial support for the operation of sponsored research, consultancy and other R&D related activities of the Institute. The overall R&D structure encompasses in executive committee, faculty research committee and student research committee.






2.1 Constitution of Committees

Dean R&D proposes three committees for R&D activities the constitution is as follows.

2.1.1 Executive Committee

  1. Dean R and D (chair)
  2. One senior faculty from all six departments (Internal Members)
  3. One or two external domain experts nominated by HODs from all departments (External Members)

2.1.2 Faculty Research committee

  1. Dean R and D
  2. One senior faculty from all six departments (The internal members)

2.1.3 Student Research Committee

  1. Dean R and D
  2. One Internal member of Executive committee
  3. One faculty from all six departments
  4. One student from all six departments


2.2 Roles and Responsibilities of the Committees

A relevant roles and responsibilities as well as objectives are assigned as follows:

2.2.1 Role of Executive Committee

This committee provides impetus to the research and development activities and to provide guidance, directions to the faculty research committee. It has representation from all departments. The committee is a vibrant entity to discuss and propose R&D policy issues. The members highlight shortcomings in procedural matters and thus sharpen the performance of the Centre.

Identify promising areas for growth. Maintain vibrancy of areas that are currently strong.

  1. Develop and maintain close ties with industry and government to promote technical exchange and collaboration on projects with significant potential for future growth and value.
  2. Develop a sense of community in which faculty, staff, and students can work together productively and grow personally and professionally.
  3. Maintain excellence and encourage multidisciplinary research amongst faculty, students
  4. Provides Review for proposals and appoint review committee and scrutiny committee.
  5. Promote, by maintaining highest standards of academic integrity, interdisciplinary research, faculty entrepreneurship and formulate related policies
  6. Budget planning.

2.2.2 Role of Faculty Research Committee

  1. Faculty Research committee selected by R&D Dean which represents R&D coordinator from every department, it specifically work for faculty of Institute and motivate the faculty of the Institute in achieving the objectives of R&D.
  2. Prioritize R&D measurement and improvement goals
  3. Balance Research and Development activities
  4. Improve short- and long-term development objectives
  5. Improve resource utilization
  6. Promote faculty to write effective research proposals for funding agencies.
  7. Guidance to research staff in order to raise the standard in academic and research activities
  8. Promote faculty to organize and attend conference/STTP/workshops/ Seminars/Training/ FDP for faculty
  9. Create awareness and promote faculty for publication, research contribution and patents
  10. Execution of research initiatives planned by Dean R &D

2.2.3 Role of Student Research Committee

Student Research committee selected by R&D Dean which represents R&D coordinator from every department, it specifically work for students of Institute.

  1. To acquaint the students about the booming technological innovations and the future prospects of their survival in the industry.
  2. Conducting the events categorized into workshops, seminars, training, certification course work
  3. Unfolding and paving way to the talents hidden among the students.
  4. Promote and motivate students to organise and attend conference/workshops/ Seminars/Training
  5. Helping faculty research committee in execution of research initiatives planned by Dean R&D


Research and Development Committee

  1. Faculty activities committee
    1. Preeti Vinayakray, EXTC
    2. Anand A Godbole, COMP
    3. P.B. Bhavathankar, IT
    4. Narendra Bhagat, ETRX
    5. Pooja Raundale, MCA
    6. Kaisar katchi, ASH
    7. R R Sawant, Coordinator Funded Projects
  2. Students activities committee
    1. Aarti Karande, MCA
    2. Abhijeet Salunke, COMP
    3. Nikahat Mulla, IT
    4. Reena Sachin Sonkusare, EXTC
    5. G T Haldankar, ETRX

For Industry funded projects Dr. Rajendra Sawant will act as coordinator

Dr. Rajendra Sawant
PhD ( IIT-Bombay)
Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication,
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Room No.503
Munshi Nagar, Bhavans Campus, Andheri (W), Mumbai-58
022-26708520/2628 7250 (Ext: 390).
Mob: 9920247002
Email ID :

Dean RND Dr. Y S Rao is the Incharge of the complete Research and Development activities

Dr. Y S Rao
Ph.D. (ES-IIT-Bombay)
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology,Room No.310
Munshi Nagar, Bhavans Campus, Andheri (W), Mumbai-58
022-26708520/2628 7250 (Ext: 380).
Mob: 9820962870
Email ID :