S.P.I.T. Highlights

  • Numero Uno, Self-Financed, Empowered Autonomous Institution of Maharashtra.
  • 100 % Placement with Average Salary at par with IITs.
  • Consistently ranked in the bracket of 100 to 150 by NIRF in the country.
  • Unique, flexible, globally competent curriculum.
  • Strong culture of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Consistent winners of Industry organized technical competitions like Texas Instruments, ARM, KPMG & many more.
  • Fruitful industry association, Semester long industry internship.

Dear Student,

I have great pleasure in expressing my thoughts as the Principal of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology (S.P.I.T.), the numero uno, self-financed, autonomous institution of Maharashtra. We are a constituent of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, not just a conglomeration of more than 300 institutions, but a culture, a saga, a holy journey, started by Dr. K.M. Munshiji with the support of Mahatma Gandhi in 1938. Imparting value-based education with indian cultural ethos has always been the prime objective of the Bhavan.

Engineers and technologists form the backbone of any nation’s economic development. The world has recently undergone a very unprecedented, extraordinary, challenging time. We are witnessing an explosion of disruptive technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Cloud Computing are rapidly growing and penetrating almost every field of engineering. Education, in particular, professional technical education, has landed at a new normal and is rapidly changing its practices.

S.P.I.T. is constantly adapting itself to these changes. It has observed an extraordinary growth in placements during this challenging time, while the majority of other technical institutions were struggling.

DIsruptions like covid will come again and again, and humanity will have to face it bravely again and again. Future engineers will work for 50-55 years of their life, they will have 3 to 4 diversified careers in technologies we cannot think of today. To make aspiring minds confident, and courageous to face future challenges, education must prepare them for the “why” and the “how”. At S.P.I.T. our teaching-learning and evaluation processes focus on these aspects.

We believe in multi-disciplinary exposure to the learners, yet ensuring growth in one vertical, cherishing human sensitivity and empathy. Our thoughtfully articulated, unique academic model aims towards developing a holistic, all-rounded technocrat. It simultaneously develops knowledge, attitude and skills. We also give importance to physical, philosophical and spiritual growth.

Pursuing a research internship during 6th semester; an industry internship during 8th semester; a provision of simultaneously acquiring a minor in management from SP Jain Institute of Management Research; liberal learning courses spanning from performing arts to trekking, photography, working with NGOs etc, are some of the salient features of academics at S.P.I.T.

Our splendid academic performance, sparkling placements (quantitative and qualitative), enrollment for higher studies at the best places of the world, prizes won by our students in national/international level technical competitions, consistently over many years are the true testimonials of life at S.P.I.T.. With the support of a dedicated and hardworking faculty and staff, the institute has achieved enviable visibility and ranking in a short span of time. On behalf of all stakeholders of S.P.I.T., I welcome you to this family and look forward to your valuable association with us for a better tomorrow. Four years of education at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology will undoubtedly empower you to lead a successful life.

Let’s learn together. Let’s grow together.

Dr. Bhalchandra N. Chaudhari,
  • For details regarding eligibility and admission procedure, please visit DTE / State CET Cell website, www.mahacet.org
  • For details regarding eligibility and admission procedure, please visit DTE / State CET Cell website, www.mahacet.org
  • For details regarding eligibility and admission procedure, please visit DTE / State CET Cell website, www.mahacet.org
  • Ph.D Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Ph.D Computer Engineering
  • Ph.D Electronics Engineering
  • Ph.D Master of Computer Applications
  • B.Tech. – Rs. 196000/- (Likely to be revised)
  • M.Tech. – Rs. 100000/-
  • MCA – Rs.131000/-


Placements and Internships

Percentage Placed


Our Recruiters

Placements and Internships

Percentage Placed


Our Recruiters

Percentage Placed


Our Recruiters

Percentage Placed


Our Recruiters

Corporate Feedback

    1. We take extreme pleasure in being associated with SPIT. Students from SPIT have been very analytical and creative in providing business solutions here at IVP. We anticipate your extended service for fulfilling our manpower requirements in a long run.Indus Valley Partners
    2. Our organization has been associated with SPIT graduates for two years now and it has been a more than satisfactory experience. We have been very impressed with the caliber of the candidates and we are quite keen to continue the relationship. The Students are industry ready and well trained in technical skills. Soft Skills and Etiquette of the students is very good. Their ability and adaptability to learn different technologies and skills, continuously improve and contribute to business has been very impressive. Their value addition to the organization has been immense.ISS | Institutional Shareholder Services
    3. The students are technically sound and possess good logical skills. They are good at articulating their thoughts and ideas.Quantiphi Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Higher Studies

Few universities opted by students

Supported by Dept. of Science & Tech. – Govt. of India

Recently funded incubatees

  1. Liminal
  2. Scholr
  3. Rama Lifescience
  4. Skinzy
  5. Zeuva
  6. Avileen Academic School Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Rethynk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Eatabl)
  8. DVDP

Some of our graduated startups:

  1. Work India
  2. Quiditch
  3. Pykih
  4. VPS Tech
  5. Embedos
  6. Kan Innovation

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S.P.I.T. represents the true spirit of self-actualization, providing a perfectly balanced stage to nurture academic performance with personal growth.

Distinguished Alumni

Alumni Speaks

At a glance

The B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Program is designed to be an state-of-the-art and industry-oriented program which makes the learner ready to take problem-solving jobs in the rapidly growing Technology sector. This programme will focus on developing an in-depth understanding of the key technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications have a broad scope and is used in business, finance, healthcare, education, video games, music recommendation, face recognition and a host of other emerging areas.

The program is best suited for students seeking to build world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and emerging technologies which help to stand in the crowd and grow careers in the upcoming technological era. Students will be able to design of intelligent solutions in variety of domains & business applications. Research has indicated that AI could create 58 million jobs in the next few years. With this phenomenal rise in the demand for skilled AI practitioners, students are opting for specialized AIML programs in favor of traditional computer science courses. This program is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of Neural Network, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Visualization Technologies.

The pedagogical sequence is student centric starting with introductory courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Programming, Engineering Sciences with focus on social and Humanity Course to provide a strong techno holistic foundation and then to specific areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Neural networks, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision with a few advanced electives in the field of security, healthcare and automation domain thus enabling technical mastery in the specific field. This will enable the learner to become a well-rounded Professional Engineer with multidisciplinary knowledge. Students undergoing will have ample opportunities to work in diverse areas finance, games, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, social networking, consumer products, human psychology and in almost all functional areas of business.

Program focuses to build world-class expertise and entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and emerging technologies and meets the expectation of all stakeholders.

Program Highlights, Core & Electives…

The major goal of this programme is to equip students with the best education so that they can fulfil the growing demand for highly trained professionals in the domain of data science worldwide. The demand for qualified data scientists has skyrocketed in recent years. Data analysis is essential in order to meet the challenges of making the most efficient strategic and tactical decisions.

This programme will focus on developing an in-depth understanding of the key technologies in data science. Students will gain practical knowledge of various programming languages and tools for data analysis. While playing with data, students will understand to identify trends based on previous data, as well as identifying patterns that can be modelled and used to anticipate how things will look in the future.

Data science is a combination of mathematics, business knowledge, tools, algorithms, and machine learning approaches. It aids in the discovery of hidden insights or patterns in raw data that can be useful in the formulation of key business decisions. This programme develops a thorough understanding of the key technologies in Data Science such as: statistics, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, visualization techniques, predictive analytics, big data analytics, etc. It also provides cutting-edge tools and technologies used for handling, managing, analysing and interpreting data such as: R, Python, Java, Hadoop framework, Spark, Scala, SQL and NoSql databases, Tableau, Keras, TensorFlow, Git, Matlab, AWS cloud, Azure, Google cloud and Blockchain, etc.

Data analytics is significant since it aids in the optimization of business performance. Various Job opportunities are available in the industry such as: Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst and Business Intelligence Professional, Big Data Analyst, Marketing Analyst Professional.

Demand for trained data scientists has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. Opportunities are available in various domains such as: Banking and Financial Services, Energy and utilities, Pharma and healthcare, Ecommerce, Media and entertainment, government sector, agriculture, atmospheric sciences, infrastructure management and e-commerce.

Program Highlights, Core & Electives…

First Year Engineering Admissions Core Committee

  1. Dr. Y.S. Rao – Chairman
  2. Prof. Jignesh Sisodia – Vice Chairman
  3. Dr. Kailas Devadkar – Member
  4. Prof. Kaisar Katchi – Member
  5. Smt. Pallavi More – Member