Certificate Courses

Information Security

Introduction to Enterprise System Security, Penetration Testing, System Scanning & Probing, Network Sniffing & Traffic Analysis, OS Fingerprinting & Hardening OS, Understanding Logging & Log Monitoring, Patch Management & Monitoring, Implementing & Maintaining Firewall, Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Security Information Management
100 % Hands-On-Lab workshop

Private Cloud setup using Open Source Tools

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Install Configure Deploy Private Cloud, Creating and Managing Machine Images, Launching MI as instances,  Attaching  Block Storage to instances,  RDP/SSH to instance.

Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic

Introduction to Neural Network, Neural network architecture & Learning Algorithms, Single Layer & Multilayer Perceptron, Backpropogation algorithm, HopField Neural Network & case studies On Hopfield Neural Network, Fuzzy controller design with case studies, Research topics based on Neural network& fuzzy systems.

Electromagnetic Waves & Its Applications

Fundamentals of Electromagnetism, Uniform plane wave, Antenna and Wave propagation, Transmission lines and waveguides and applications of Electromagnetism in various fields, Understanding Electromagnetic Wave Theory (EWT) fundamentals, Effective Classroom Teaching of EWT, Applications of EWT in various Communication Fields

Foundation Mathematics for DSP, Computer Networks and Information Theory/Cryptography

DSP: Mathematical Logic, Calculus and Real Analysis, Basic Signals and Systems
Networks: Basic Probability Theory, Random Variable, Stochastic Processes, Queuing Theory
Information Theory and Cryptography: Some topics in Number Theory, Finite Fields and Quadratic Residues, Elementary Cryptography, Public Key, Primality and Factoring, An Introduction to Codes, Efficient Coding, Noiseless Coding

Application Development Certificate Program(ADCP) using VB.NET & ADO.NET

Introduction, Windows Forms, Taking Advantage of the Form Event Model, Common Windows Forms Controls, Exception Handling, Working with Strings and Dates, Accessing Data, Data Binding Techniques, Using the Data Controls, Handling Input/Output Tasks, Project Settings in Visual Studio, Debugging Applications, Container Controls, Menus and Toolbars, Complex Windows Forms Controls, Namespace

Computer Networking and System Security

Core Networking concepts, mobile communication, Linux and Windows, Networking, Network security, TCP/IP concepts and Management and Network Protocol Analysis, Switchgear & Protection Seminar on PLC Programming Self-awareness.

Fundamentals of Circuit Simulation

Techniques for systematically assembling circuit equations, Nonlinear equations and use of the Newton-Raphson method, use of damping to help in convergence will be illustrated with examples Transient simulation of circuits, numerical methods for solving ODEs , advantages and limitations of the methods, simulation package SEQUEL, applications of SEQUEL in networks, filter design, and power electronics with hands-on.

Embedded Systems design and Programming

Introduction to Embedded systems, microcontrollers & DSP processors, interface methods. Basic concepts of data synchronization. Parallel I/O interface examples, external interrupts design approach. Timing generation and measurements. Serial communications : SCI, SPI. Interfacing with switches, keyboards, LED’s, LCD’s. Computer-controlled current switches, relays, solenoids, DC, AC motors and stepper motors. Analog interfacing and data acquisition systems. Transducers used in embedded systems. Fuzzy logic control systems. Digital filters, PCB design, RTOS.

Hardware Description Languages

Introduction to HDL. Design flow and designing with VHDL. Basic design units, syntax and semantics of VHDL.  Behavioral modeling in VHDL includes writing test benches. Advanced VHDL, Simulation Issues, synthesis issues, test benches and assertion statement. Introduction to Verilog, capabilities of Verilog, syntax and Semantics of Verilog, basic design units and examples of design using Verilog

Real-time Digital Signal Processing

Z-Transform and Introduction to DT system, analysis of DT systems, DFT, FFT, IIR Filter design, FIR filter design, practical considerations, DSP  processors, DSP applications.

ARM Processors and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) – Case Study  : RTAI on x86, uCLinux on ARM / MSP

Introduction to ARM , Design approaches CISC, RISC, ARM’s approach towards RISC, ARM processor architecture, ARM instruction set, THUMB instruction set, ARM assembly language programming,  writing and optimizing ARM assembly code architectural support for High level languages architectural support for system development, architectural support for operating systems ARM processor cores. Real Time Operating system concepts, kernel structure, critical sections, multitasking, task management, time management, schedulers, event control locks, priorities, deadlocks, synchronization, semaphore management,  memory management, RTOS implementation, board support package implementation for uclinux, drivers for RD- 232, USB 2.0, Ethernet, Device Port I/O.