To apply for transcripts online, click here (for current students and past students applying to other universities for higher education)

How it works


You now have to submit your transcript application for approval online from here. When you submit your transcript for approval, you will be directed to a payment gateway for making an online payment. There is a fee of Rs 3239/- for getting your transcript approved. Once you have made your payment, your document is forwarded for review. After your transcript is approved by the Institute (may take 2-3 days) you will receive an email with a stamped PDF version of your approved transcript and 3 attested hard-copies that Truecopy will courier to the applicant’s local address. You can use the PDF to upload with your online-application to US universities. This approved PDF will also be retained in the S.P.I.T. account on Truecopy for future use if required by the student. If you need to send official transcripts to universities, you now have two options:

  1. eTranscripts: S.P.I.T. can send eTranscripts to most universities in US. (See–authentic-indian-transcripts-sent-via-the-parchment-exchange-platform) To send eTranscripts, you can apply online specifying the recipient university, and the eTranscript will go directly from S.P.I.T. You will receive acknowledgement of delivery in email. The charge for this service is Rs. 885/- per destination.
  2. Paper Transcripts: You can send stamped paper transcripts to universities as well by applying online. Truecopy will courier to the applicant’s local address or to the overseas address as requested. The cost of this is Rs. 472/- per copy to local address and Rs. 1888/- to overseas universities