SPIT brochure 2022-23

Admission Rulebook 2022-23 B.-Tech

First Year B. Tech Admission Notice 2022-23

Important instructions for filling the application form:


“Candidates who have already filled the Institute Level form before need not apply again”.


Sign Up:

1.Please sign up on our portal (link below) using your email and desired password. This email will be used for all correspondence. After you sign up, we will send an activation link to this email address. Please click on the link to activate your account.

2. You can then login using your registered email/password on our portal.

Receipt of Payment of Application Form Fees:

1. Once you have made the payment on our payment system, click on the “Download Receipt” button on the payment confirmation page to download the receipt in pdf format. This receipt will not be available to you if you navigate away from the payment confirmation page. You are required to upload this pdf document in our portal’s document upload section. Please login into our portal and upload the receipt in the document upload section.

2. Once your payment is done, please login into our portal again and upload scanned copies of your original documents, along with the payment receipt.

3. Your application remains incomplete until you upload all relevant documents.

The Application Form Processing fee is Rs. 2,500/-.

2022-23 Admission Form Help File