Dear Students,

Greetings from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Product Development Center (PDC)!

We hope and pray that all is good with you and your family during this difficult time, as the global COVID-19 pandemic is still peaking around many countries.

Product Development Centre at SP-IT is a zone for innovation, where students under the guidance of senior faculty develop products that have world-changing potential using world-class equipment and software, with backing from the industry for research and development.

We provide mentorship from our senior faculty, consisting of Prof. Y. S. Rao, Prof Rajendra Sawant, and others who have tremendous experience in industry-backed research and a vast portfolio of published papers. Students can also opt to work with startups under SP-TBI or assist external industry experts in their research work. Students also gain access to connections within the electronics industry, a chance to network with like-minded seniors and alumni, and permanent access to the PDC premises along with a certificate to back the work, they have done with us.

Since the PDC undertakes projects which are multidisciplinary in nature, there is no restriction regarding the branch of students who wish to join.

We are happy to announce that once again we are offering the internship program at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Product Development Center. Looking at the COVID-19 pandemic situation this time we are conducting an online one-month training program from 21st August 2021 onwards, with the “hands-on session” on live online products.

Summer Internship program covers in-depth session of:

  1. online theory session taught by experts
  2. online learning material
  3. virtual lab – remotely write/test/debug code on our lab hardware!

Internship program hands-on session of: 

Software & Hardware development and testing on industrial products being developed at the PDC.

We take the pleasure of inviting you to participate in this unique training program conducted by various industry experts.

Look forward to the pleasure of meeting and interacting with you in this training program

For Registration:

More Details:

Full brochure with additional details about the internship & PDC