Dear Prospective Students & Parents,

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us complete the first Institute Level Admission round successfully, fully online.

Our second round of admissions for vacancies against Institute Level seats will also be conducted online.

We will be calling you in batches of a 100 students, because managing a larger number in an online forum may prove chaotic.

The guidelines for the round follow.

The online admission round will begin on 29th January 2021 at 10:00am. We will be calling candidates in batches of 100.

The view-only livestream of the admission round will be available for all here:

We will continue broadcasting the round on the livestream until all seats are filled. All announcements will be made in the livestream. Please keep the livestream running at all times until we close the round.

We will announce the merit number range for the batches in the livestream. These batches will receive a link and password via email to the online admission room. Only those candidates whose numbers are announced will be allowed entry into the room.
Further, in order to gain access to the room, you must set your NAME in the following format: MERITNUMBER_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME. For example: 0001_JOHN_DOE. You will not be allowed entry into the room without this name format.

Please find the instructions to login to the webex meet in the file attached below.

In this room, your merit number will be announced. You may select any seat from the vacancies available at that point of time in the round. Upon confirmation of the same from the institute, you will receive an email redirecting you to another online meet link. You are required to join that room to continue payment of fees, and further processing of your application immediately.

Very Important

Instructions for the PAYMENT of fees and confirmation of admissions are as follows:
Once the seat is provisionally allotted to you at the time of virtual counselling round, you need to pay the full fees in any of the following ways and confirm the admissions.

Payment of the fees

  1. Pay the full fees Rs. 1,72,804/- (Rs. One lakh seventy-two thousand, eight hundred and four only) through IMPS or NEFT online in SPIT Bank account. Show the transaction proof.
  2. Pay the full fees through Demand Draft in favor of “The Principal, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology” payable at Mumbai. Please note that you need to keep this D.D. ready with you before the counselling session. This DD needs to be shown to the admission committee during counseling, and submitted to the SPIT office on the same day. Institute office will remain open till 6:00 pm on the counselling admission days.
  3. Pay the partial fees of Rs. 40,000/- (Rs. Forty thousand only) through IMPS online in SPIT bank account. Show us the transaction proof during the counselling round. The remaining fees Rs. 1,32,804/- (Rs. One lakh thirty two thousand eight hundred four only) will be paid through the D.D or through online using IMPS/NEFT on the reporting day (on 30th Jan 21).
  4. Please note that you can pay the fees online (option 1 or option 3), through any bank account (candidate’s account/ Parents account/Relatives account / Friend’s account). Please note that you may use multiple accounts for this amount transfer.

Email the proof of payment to The subject of the email must be: MERITNUMBER – FULLNAME – BRANCH, for example: 0001 – JOHN DOE – ELECTRONICS.

Please ensure you have added the institute as a beneficiary (details below) well in advance (taking into account the activation time) for online transfers.

Institute beneficiary details are as follows:

BANK A/C NO : 430402144

If you’re paying using an online mode, ensure that in the Remark field you mention: MERITNUMBER_FULLNAME (e.g. 0001_JOHNDOE).

You will be expected to finish the online transaction and show (and email) proof of the transaction during the online round itself. If you fail to do so within the allotted time during the round itself, your status stands as canceled, and the seat will not be allotted to you.

Confirmation of admissions

  1. Students who have paid the fees either in option 1 or option 2, can report to the institute either on the same day or the reporting day (30th Jan 21) along with the original documents, confirm and complete the admission process.
  2. Students who have paid the fees in the option 3, need to report to the institute on the reporting day (30th Jan 21), submit the remaining fees online or through DD, submit the original documents and confirm the admission process.

If, for any reason, you are unable to attend the admission round at your specified slot, or are unable to make the payment, you will be considered for admission as and when you are able to attend the round/make the payment of fees (subject to the vacancies available at that point of time).

Your admission confirmation is subject to submission of original documents and successful payment of fees.


  1. WebEx Instructions
  2. Online Admission Round Instructions

Thanking you for your patience, and wishing you all the best.

Dr. B. N. Chaudhari,
Principal, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology