Embedded Systems Internship at PDC, SP-IT

This is an introductory course in embedded systems. Participants will learn various aspects of embedded systems design, microcontroller programming, various peripherals, sensors and advanced microcontroller platforms like the Microchip dsPIC and Texas Instruments DSP controllers.

The summer term will consist of online sessions, video lectures and working with our lab hardware remotely using a virtual lab environment. The knowledge gained will be further explored and enhanced in the in-person winter session on our Industry Products being developed at the Product Development Centre (PDC), SP-IT.

After this course, participants will be able to design their own projects around embedded hardware and contribute to ongoing development in embedded systems.

Estimated Time: 3 weeks (summer) + x weeks (winter)

Summer Internship program covers in-depth session of:

  1. 2-hours online theory session taught by experts.
  2. 2-hours online learning material provided by us.
  3. 2-hours virtual lab – remotely write/test/debug code on our lab hardware!

Winter Internship program hands-on session of:

Software & Hardware development and testing on industrial products being developed at the PDC.

We take the pleasure of inviting you to participate in this unique training program conducted by various industrial experts. Look forward to the pleasure of meeting and interacting with you in this training program


About the program

Training program is on the following Topics:

I. Introduction to Software and hardware design, Real-time systems, Minimum system design, Embedded “C” Programming.

  • Virtual lab session on Embedded “C” Programming

II. Hardware system Design for Arduino Platform

  • Virtual lab sessions on Peripherals, Sensors and Closed loop control system

III. IoT Protocols

  • Virtual lab sessions on IoT Protocols and Cloud based applications

IV. Microchip dsPIC Controller

  • Introduction, Architecture, System Design
  • Programming using the MPLAB X IDE
  • Industrial Applications and Product Development

V. Texas Instruments C2000 Digital Signal Controller

  • Introduction, Architecture, System Design
  • Programming using Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Industrial Applications and Product Development

Other Benefits:

  1. Participants will be evaluated from time to time and get a Participation Certificate.
  2. Industrial visits (In December)
  3. Free Rs 10,000/- worth virtual lab hardware setup
  4. Internship 2 to 6 months @ PDC
  5. Network with like-minded people

Who should apply:

  • The program is open to all the engineering college students, research scholars, and other working professionals.


  • Any one programming language

Participant Registration Fee:

  • For S.P.I.T students Registration Fee is Rs. 10,000/- + 18% GST per Attendee
  • For other students Registration Fee is Rs. 15,000/- + 18% GST per Attendee

(The fee includes training, certification, and free virtual lab IoT kit)

Payment Account Details:

A/C No: 876819488
SP-IT Allied Division
Indian Bank, Bhavans Campus, Andheri-W, Mumbai-58

Name: Dr. Y. S. Rao
Email: ysrao@spit.ac.in
Mobile: 9820962870, 9137266021
Website: www.spit.ac.in