DST- IEDC Projects

Year 2014 - 15

1]  TeChart

Product: TeChart
TeChart is an electronic paper display with combined functionalities of a writing board and a projector.     >>

2]  SpecyCam

Product: SpecyCam
SpecyCam is a product which allows the users to use their smartphone cameras as spectacles. Since smartphones have become very popular and almost everyone has one, our product would be useful for all kinds of people.         >>

3]  SmartStick-An Aiding Companion

Product: SmartStick-An Aiding Companion
SmartStick is innovated specially for thousands of elderly people who feel insecure when out for a walk. This walking stick is embedded with a GPS and GSM module which works as a location tracker and a communicator respectively.         >>

4]  Present Point – An alternative presentation software

Product: Present Point – An alternative presentation software
Present Point is a multiplatform presentation software that offers Text, Shapes, Pen and other common design tools to develop presentations implementing CSS styling and animation to simulate the slide presentation policy to prepare presentations completely based on web pages.         >>

5]  Food Smiles

Product: Food Smiles
Food Smiles is an online portal which provides a platform for Hotels, event planners, caterers and those industries involving mass wastage of food to update their waste but consumable food in terms of “Foodbank”. This “Foodbank” is then made available to the registered NGOs on the portal who shall then approach the concerned hotels to collect the consumable excess food.         >>

6]  Event Schedule app creator

Product: Event Schedule app creator
Event Schedule Creator App is an app which helps in scheduling events, meetings, etc by helping the organizer to decide time of it.         >>

7]  Smart LPG Trolley

Product: Smart LPG Trolley
The product aimed to solve some of the commonly faced problems by users of LPG cylinder. The problems that were faced:
1. A user might forget to book a new LPG cylinder before the previous one was emptied.
2. Gas leakage detection.         >>

8]  Electronic Pet Watchman

Product: Electronic Pet Watchman
Electronic Pet Watchman provides a security system which detects and deters the intrusion based on human motion or presence. When human motion is encountered a primary monitoring unit produces an impression of people or animals present inside the house which will deter the intruder at the entry points to a residence.         >>

9]  iSafe

Product: iSafe
iSafe is a system that will ensure that a visually challenged person can cross roads having traffic signals safely and independently.         >>

10]  ToothCam

Product: ToothCam
ToothCam consists of a micro camera module on the toothbrush which will help the person examine their oral parts without damaging or hurting themselves. One can view their oral parts in live form on their portable devices including Android phones.         >>