DST- IEDC Projects

Year 2011 - 12

1]  Portable Smart Patient Monitoring System

Product: Doctor at Home
Portable Smart Patient Monitoring System is essentially like a doctor at your home . It provides a customized healthcare solution at low cost. It can measure temperature and ECG currently.     >>

2]  Kissan Buddy

Product: Kissan Buddy
Kissan Buddy is a GSM controlled Watering Devices . which helps the farmer in rural villages to carry on his task at ease. In this process a cell phone will be used by the farmer which enables him to control the irrigation system.         >>

3]  Language Interpreter

Product: Simply Talk
The Electronic Language Interpreter, provides instant translation of Indian languages. It is a portable device where in the user can speak and get the translation in desired language instantly.         >>

4]  Process Control Bio Gas

Product: Jaiv Shakti
This product generates biogas from any bio-degradable waste on high percentage of methane in short time as compared to the conventional one. This generated gas can be used for various applications i.e. from cooking to generation of electricity         >>

5]  Automated Emergency Services

Product: AES
Automated Emergency Service for Car Accident essentially is an accessory to be fitted in the automobile. Accessory contains Pressure Sensor that detects the crash. If the pressure is detected then the application in mobile will send notification message to the emergency service centre automatically.        >>