DST - IEDC Projects

Year 2010 - 11

1]  Hydropower Generation

Product: PH20401
PH20401 is a Hydropower generator using DC alternator in multistoried buildings. It is used to generate electricity from the energy contained in the water of over-head tanks. Water gushing from the over head tanks flows with a very high velocity which can be harnessed with our systems.         >>

2]  Driver Fatigue Detection

Product: Fatigue Detector
This product detects fatigue with multiple conditions observed in the behavior of the driver. An alarm system is installed in order to alert the driver in cases when fatigue is detected.         >>

3]  Mobile Messaging

Product: Zip It Up SMS
Zip It Up SMS compresses the text content of an SMS, effectively enhancing the message limit from 160 characters to an average case of 250 characters. It aims to provide an enhanced messaging experience to the end user.         >>

4]  Security Visualistaion

Product: Secure 43
It provides security to both private and public cloud to prevent the attacks as well as trap the attackers and also Minimize security vulnerabilities and improve confidence in the cloud by our suite of security tools providing Intrusion and anomaly detection for internal network         >>

5]  Cloud Computing

Product: Cloud43
Cloud43 provides customized Virtual Computing Lab product to different colleges to meet their specific requirement and make the maintenance of college labs easier, and help towards reduction in their infrastructural cost.         >>