DST- IEDC Projects

Year 2012 - 13

1]  IntelliSense-Semantic Based Coder Assist

Product: IntelliSense
Intellisense which is a multi-platform application
that is used to solve all coding related issues usually faced by coders.     >>

2]  Automated Alkoxy Detector

Product: Automated Alkoxy Detector
Automated Alkoxy Detector is a portable, cost efficient, easy to use and more efficient method to detect the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by analyzing the breath samples using a semiconductor sensor         >>

3]  E-informer

Product: E-informer
E-informer is an application which is able to associate face to name alone with using existing information of social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc which user have given access too.         >>

4]  Emergency Aid and Tracking

Product: Emergency Aid and Tracking
Emergency Aid and Tracking device includes a wireless communication network for placing a call to one or more than one pre defined contact numbers.         >>

5]  Ground Zero Viewer

Product: Ground Zero Viewer
In Ground Zero Viewer a 2-Dimensional view of the entire building structure shown on a single panel will be connected to the main threat detection sensor which will provide emergency support for the rescue teams like Fire Brigade, armed forces etc.        >>

6]  Hot To Cold

Product: Hot To Cold
Hot to Cold energy saver is a solar energy harnessing system for refrigerators which can process solar energy in real time.        >>