DST- IEDC Projects

Year 2013 - 14

1]  Mobile Stun Gun

Product: Smart Mobile StunGun
Smart Mobile Stun gun will include a mobile phone with the stun gun having GPS facility and tracker in it to provide safety.     >>

2]  eZZE Fitness

Product: eZZe Fitness
A revolution in the fitness industry where the user need not visit any special fitness program or any centres, instead the user will be scanned by an Xbox KINECT during which his/her moves would be compared to that of the trainer.         >>

3]  Utrasonic Broadband Generator

Product: Utrasonic Broadband Generator
Utrasonic Broadband Generator is an electronic system which is used to tune the ultrasonic transducer to its resonant frequency.This system has wide range application medicines.         >>

4]  Bio Energy

Product: Bio Energy
It provides a source of energy while simultaneously resolving ecological and agrochemical issues.        >>

5]  Underground Water Detection

Product: Underground Water Detection
Underground Water Detection is a system which makes use of ground penetrating RADAR technology to find presence of water under the ground.         >>