Integral Yoga is the perfect and complete knowledge of self management (total personality). Yoga Teaching does not require any costly equipment, instrument and support except proper guidance by experience, knowledgeable and expert yoga teacher. Syllabus is formulated under the able guidance of Dr. Hansaraj Yadav, Faculty Members of Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati, S.P.I.T. and Yogeshwar Yogayana Trust. Awardee of Yogashastri and Yogacharya are qualified to promote, impart and teach to students, staff, executives and Administrator of educational, medical, social, commercial, Industrial and spiritual Institutions organization, Universities and corporate sectors of national and

All aspects of self management will be possible by following ideology, Technology and philosophy of yoga:

  1. Ideal norm of social behaviors by yogic 5 yamas.
  2. Noble norms of personal living by yogic 5 niyanmas.
  3. Stimulation, Activisation and sedition of internal and external organ of body by dynamic static Rhythmic and Psychophysical (Therapeutic) and Meditative yogic Asnas.
  4. Balance diet yogic Ahar.
  5. Control conserved and regulate of bio-energy through breathing process increasing and decreasing duration of inhalation, retention, exhalation and Suspension of yogic Pranayama.
  6. Purification, processes of yogic shathkarma.
  7. Attentions’ avenues and Inwardness of sens by yogic Pratyahar.
  8. State of mental blissfulness ecstasy, self realization and liberation from the bondage of birth and death by yogic sayama (Dhama and Dhyan and Samadhi) Concentration, Contemplation Gross and subtle level of meditation.

Yoga Syllabus Consist of:

1. Yoga Ideology

  • Yogic Yamas – Five norms of social living
  • Yogic Niyamas – Five Norms of personal living
  • Char Purusarth – Four norms of motivation
  • Chitta Suddhi – Mental Hygiene
  • Food is God

2. Yoga Physiology
Function of Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Muscular System, Reproductive System, Skeletal System, Nervous System and Glandular system.

3. Yoga Technology

  • Static, Rhythmic, Dynamic & Psychophysical Yogic asanas for Activisation stimulation and sedation to internal and external organs of the body.
  • Control conservate and regulate of bio energy through yogic Pranayamas
  • Purificatory processes of yogic Shatkarmas
  • Psychosomatic practices of Yogic Pratyaharas (Sense Management)
  • Yogic Sanyama (Mental Power) for concentration, contemplation,
  • Introspection, Meditation, Relaxation and mental Composer

4. Health Care
Care of Spine, Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Joints, Intestine, Upper and lower extremities

Syllabus [PDF]

Yoga Philosophy
Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Geeta, Upanishad, Shat Darshan and Vedas

Teaching Methodology
Public Speaking, Presentation of lesson, Preparing Project

Awardee of Certificate
Teacher’s Training Certificate

Duration of Training part time
Teacher’s Training Certificate – 200hrs


  1.  To become Healthy Ideal noble citizen
  2. Prevention care and cure of Psychosomatic diseases
  3. To become health guide
  4. Ideal way of finance support

Teachers Training Certificate – Rs. 20,000  (25% discount for S.P.I.T. students)


Sample of Certificate
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
(An autonomous institute affiliated to University of Mumbai)

Yoga Teacher’s Training Certificate

This is to certify that he/she has successfully completed 200hrs Yoga Teacher’s Training Certificate course.

Comprehensive yoga syllabus has been approved and recognized by S.P.I.T. and Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati and conducted by S.P.I.T. and Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati jointly.

Awardee of certificate is qualified and eligible to teach yoga to students, executives, householders and administrators all over India and abroad.

Certificate signed by the following authority on date, month and year

  1. Principal (S.P.I.T.)
  2. Chairperson (Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati)


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