Research and Development, efforts in SPIT are geared entirely to society’s needs: health, security, communication, energy and the environment. As a result, the work undertaken by our researchers and developers will have a significant impact on social life. We intend to forge future while shaping technology through innovative application by improving methods and techniques and by being creative to design new products.

Structure and Organization

  • Scientific/Technical Advisory Board
  • Executive Board
  • Group Contact
  • Assembly of Members
  • Research Units
  • In terms of funding there will be two funding categories:
  • Internal Funding and External Funding
  • For Internal funding following:
  • Funding Program
  • Proposal Review/Decision
  • Forms and Guideline
  • Calls for Proposal
    – Information to Researchers
    – FAQ
  • Excellence Strategy

Excellence in Research

SPIT R&D activity is committed to improving future generation through research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice that can serve all sectors of society. We carry out this mission through the free exchange of ideas in an ethical, interdependent, and diverse community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni.


Build a research capability that is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading source of technological innovation.

  1. Identify promising areas for growth.
  2. Maintain vibrancy of areas that are currently strong.
  3. Develop and maintain close ties with industry and government to promote technical exchange and collaboration on projects with significant potential for future growth and value.
  4. Develop a sense of community in which faculty, staff, and students can work together productively and grow personally and professionally.
  5. Maintain excellence and encourage diversity amongst faculty, students, and staff.

R&D Committee

Dr. Y.S. Rao

Dr. Preetida Vinayakray Jani

Dr. Sudhir Dhage

Dr. Rajendra Sutar

Dr. Pooja Raundale

Prof. Kailas Devadkar

R&D Student Committee

Prof. Nataasha Raul

Prof. Sheetal Chaudhari

Prof. Govind Haldankar

Prof. Rupali Mascarenhas

Prof. Aarti Karande